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Can I Use Vitamin C Serum After Micro Needling ?

If you are facing issues like acne or scars, aging signs, or dull skin, then you must have heard about micro-needling, a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. This technique helps you to brighten your skin by stimulating collagen and improving your skin texture. 
Can I Use Vitamin C Serum After Micro Needling

If you are facing issues like acne or scars, aging signs, or dull skin, then you must have heard about micro-needling, a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. This technique helps you to brighten your skin by stimulating collagen and improving your skin texture. 

Thankfully, the estimated downtime following micro needling is minimal in comparison to certain other cosmetic treatments. But aftercare is a must after you receive this treatment.

Yet, you must be thinking if you can use vitamin C serum after micro needling

Although vitamin C is indeed a good anti-aging product and is quite healthy for your skin, yet when it comes down to its usage after micro-needling, it is usually not recommended.

So, in this article you will surely find the answer to the question ‘can I use vitamin C serum after micro needling?’ 


Hearing about micro needling may scare you the first time. But this treatment is very beneficial for your skin to recover and reduce acne-related problems like scars or fine lines. 

A thin, pen-like tool or roller containing tiny needles on the top is used for micro-needling. These needles cause microscopic rips in your skin, increasing the synthesis of proteins, collagen, and elastin.

However, if you have active acne and use any anti-acne medications, then it might not be safe to go for this procedure.  

Micro-needling is not a one-day treatment job, so you should take multiple sessions to get good results. However, micro-needling at home will save your time and money more as compared to receiving treatment in any clinic


As you know, micro-needling leaves tiny tears on your skin, so you may definitely don’t want to apply anything that may irritate your skin. 

Vitamin C serum is such a product that you will never opt to apply after 2 to 3 days of micro-needling. Since serums are highly concentrated and powerful, they could irritate your skin aggressively after this treatment. 

So, if you are still asking how long after micro-needling can I use vitamin c, then it is recommended to wait for 2 to 3 days and let your skin heal before applying any serum or other product. 

You can also perform micro needling at home. But avoid using vitamin C after micro needling at home. You never know how your sensitive skin will react to a powerful anti-aging agent.


Now, you may be wondering, ‘can I use vitamin C serum before micro-needling?’

Unfortunately, it is not safe!

Well, since the procedure itself is quite sensitive to the skin, it is better not to use vitamin c serum 3 to 5 days before micro-needling.

Since vitamin C actively absorb inside the skin, so it can slow down your healing process following the procedure. It can also lead to adverse effects like an infection. 

However, you can use hyaluronic acid serums as it helps in regenerating your skin to heal faster. This is an advantage of hyaluronic acid serum over vitamin c serum as the latter may cause complications and interfere with the healing phase. 


You can use dilute vitamin C serum after a week. But it is best to opt for hyaluronic acid serum from day 1 to 14 days after micro-needling to replenish and hydrate your skin. 

Siiona’s hydration complex serum is best for dehydrated skin, especially after micro needling in which you feel a little tight skin after the procedure. It includes ingredients that worked well to make your skin glow and are free from acne marks or hyperpigmentation.

It is made of organic materials like Pseudo-Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that protect your skin from dryness and rough spots. It also contains Vitamin C, which helps to reduce blocked pores and give radiant and clear skin.

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Usually, it is not recommended to use vitamin c serum after micro needling. 

As you already know, prevention is better than cure, therefore you should avoid applying any serum or cream to the skin immediately following the treatment.

 Ideally, wait for 2 to 3 days before using vitamin c serum.


Any substance you use following a micro-needling procedure must be all-natural, non-abrasive, and unscented to avoid skin irritation. Your skin may likely be rough and irritated after collagen induction treatment.

So, you should use serums that contain hyaluronic acid. This will not only help in the healing process but will also replenish your skin and keep it well hydrated. 


There is a lot of serum that comes in a combination of hyaluronic acid with vitamin c, like Siiona’s hydration complex serum which absorbs in the skin and repairs the skin tears following micro needling. It also brightens your complexion and gives a smooth skin due to its organic materials like pseudo collagen and hyaluronic acid. It also includes vitamin C which you already know is best for giving clear look. 

So, yes! You can use vitamin c with hyaluronic acid to prevent the dryness that you will face after the treatment. It will nourish your skin well and keep it fresh!


Micro-needling may sound scary if you are hearing it for the first time but you will not be disappointed by its results.

It is a magical cure to your stubborn acne marks and gives healthy and nourished skin. However, You should avoid applying vitamin C immediately after the procedure as it can cost your beauty and you may end up with adverse effects. 

But, there is a solution to every problem, and Siiona’s hydration complex serum has already solved it! 

If you’re looking for an anti-acne, anti-pigmentation, and natural vitamin C serum, add  Siiona’s Hydration Complex Serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin C to your skincare routine.