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Is Eye Cream A Gimmick?

Skincare products are dominating all over the world. Let that sink in. None of us is oblivious to the obvious racing pattern of aging. Among all the skin care products, most people use skin creams and serums as an eye cream too. That is NOT a targeted product for the under-eye area.
Is Eye Cream A Gimmick?

Skincare products are dominating all over the world. Let that sink in. None of us is oblivious to the obvious racing pattern of aging. Among all the skin care products, most people use skin creams and serums as an eye cream too. That is NOT a targeted product for the under-eye area.

Why? Because as a general approach, we think that our regular moisturizer will act as an eye care product. Secondly, there are tons of debates leveraging the idea that eye creams are marketing scams. Which by the way, is not true!


Anatomy of Area Around Eye

More often than not, we pass judgment rather than digging deep for the reasoning. The same goes for eye creams.

It is important to understand the anatomy and texture around the eye to better understand why eye creams are NOT a gimmick.

The area around the eyes is called the periorbital area. It is relatively thinner than our facial skin.   It consists of the subcutaneous layer, dermis,  and top layer epidermis.

The top layer has basal cells that produce new cells after every few days. As the cell migrates upward, they become dry and dead. The dead cells become a part of corneocytes( that make the outer layer of the periorbital area).

This constant skin renewal process is called desquamation. It's a continuous process that takes somewhere between 2 weeks and 6 weeks for each individual. It depends on the age.

This process is way quicker and then the skin renewal process takes place on the rest of the face.


Why Are the Eye Creams Important

The under-eyes area is sensitive. No doubt that it's the first place where the aging sign starts showing up.

Eye muscles are in constant labor while you stare, squint, smile, and blink. Also, there are fewer oil glands to keep them nourished all the time.

It's like a mirror that are we getting a proper diet and following a healthy lifestyle. Oftentimes, your eyes are puffy after a long night's sleep.

So to take proper care of sensitive undereye skin, we need a targeted product. That is safe to apply on the thinner skin of the eye.

There are the most dedicated eye creams available that focus on nourishing and rejuvenating the undereye area. That effectively results in removing dark circles in less than 12 weeks.

These eye creams dramatically reduce the course of the appearance of wrinkles. Thus we can slow the progression of aging.


Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles and Wrinkles

We have formulated the most effective eye cream after years of research. It focuses on brightening under eye area and rejuvenating the skin making it look youthful and fresh.

The Diamond Eye Cream with Peptide & Hyaluronic Acid by Siiona retains moisture. It has Hyaluronic acid that retains the moisture under your skin.

It is an agent that is present naturally in your skin that attracts and retains moisture and keeps it hydrated. Along with peptides and herbal ingredients, it is found to be most effective in reducing aging and dark circles.

It is a safe eye cream tested to be hypoallergenic for all skin types.

You can buy Siiona Hydration Complex with Vitamin C today and enjoy a discount of 10% today. So grab it quickly before the offer ends.


Factors that cause Dark Circles and Wrinkles


Aging is the most common cause where you're under eyes skin gets thinner. It loses its elastic collagen fibers.

Thus the blood vessels in that area become more prominent. Focused on dark circles removing, these creams remove dark patches and improve skin elasticity. More often than not, eye creams are great for wrinkles too.



Fatigue and eyestrain are other causes where your eye muscles are overworked. They lack sufficient rest. Chances are, a disturbed sleep cycle may cost you months of struggle with your panda-eye looks.



The skin under the eye is thinnest. It becomes dull and dark if you are not getting plenty of water daily. So make sure you are not careless about sufficient water intake daily.



Genetics is an important factor for dark circles in some people. These are oftentimes inherited from your parents. The facial bone structure under the eye also increases the chance of dark circles looking prominent.



Are you overexposed to the sun? Sun rays promote the formation of melanin in the body. Melanin is the pigment that darkens the skin of your body.

Not only does the under-eyes area, but it also darkens all the exposed skin areas of your body.


Most Effective Ingredients to Look for In An Eye Cream

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent natural moisturizing agent. It retains moisture in the thinner skin around the eyes. Eye creams with Hyaluronic acid are perfectly safe to use in pregnancy.



Ceramide is a naturally occurring fat in the skin. Its job is to prevent the skin from aging. It protects your skin against the harmful effects of the environment.

It is incorporated in eye creams because it retains moisture and gives your eyes a fresh and young look.



Simply stating, these are vitamin B3. that is added in an eye cream to lighten the dark circles. It nourishes the skin glands.



Peptides in eye creams are great alternatives for Retinoid derivatives. These have no harmful effects on pregnancy.

Peptides help to repair your skin by ramping up collagen fibers. it is a great skin lightening and rejuvenating agent in eye creams.



Eyes have the thinnest skin and extensive blood vessels going through them. Caffeine being a great vasoconstrictor, tighten up the skin around the eyes and prevents wrinkles.



Eye creams are essential to eye care products. It shows desired outcomes when you use it on a regular basis.

it’s no gimmick that only a specific eye care product can prevent wrinkling and dark spots around your eyes. So don't be scammed by a false narrative. Buy a good eye cream Now!



Does Eye cream actually do anything?

Eye creams are very effective skincare products that brighten up the skin around your eyes. It has exclusive hydrating agents that focus on reducing aging and dark spots around the eyes.

So you cannot recover your specific eye area’s malasma with regular skin moisturizer.

Why is my eye cream not working?

Eye creams do not show stated results rapidly. To get the best results out of your eye cream, you have to apply it twice daily for at least 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

The skin under the eyes takes somewhere between two weeks to 12 weeks to show results and reduce dark circles. It hugely depends on the age group of the user. At a younger age, it takes less time.

It might also be possible that you are not taking enough sleep. So take plenty of rest to get the best results out of your eye cream.


Is Eye cream necessary?

Eye creams are necessary and powerful skin care product that has proven their efficacy over time.

Eye creams have the most suitable ingredients that target the thin skin area under your eyes. They rejuvenate and hydrate the under-eye skin and skin starts looking fresh and younger.